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As a specialist in the field of piping and pressure vessel related analysis, SKIOS Engineering offers state-of-the-art software, support, training, knowledge transfer and problem solving services. 

SKIOS Engineering AB is a sales and business partner of SST Systems Inc (CAEPIPE), USA, and Sigma Ing. mbH (ROHR2, SINETZ, and PROBAD) from Germany.  

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Product News - New version of  PROBAD is released

The new version 2024-1 of PROBAD has been released.

Overview of news 

  • The PROBAD module EN 13445 (2021) and ASME VIII/1 (2023) are now available in the new user interface.
  • The FEZEN material database has been revised and merged with ROHR2 database and is now using a new user interface. 
  • The FEZEN database has also added more material data and user-defined materials could now be added and modified.
  • PROBAD-modeler allows graphical modeling of Vessels, Boilers, and Components: Brackets, Skirts, Supporting-rings, Lifting-lugs, reinforcement rings, Flat heads, and Component branches/nozzles

  • The EN 1591 module has been updated with PrEN 2023, and several other  improvments  

Detailed information regarding revisions of EN and ASME can be found in the PDF-file below.



New version of CAEPIPE and CAEPIPE 3D+ released

The new version 12.20 of CAEPIPE and CAEPIPE 3D+, has now been released!

A new feature in Dynamic Analysis “Random Vibration Analysis” is introduced.
For details on its capability and limitations, refer to the section titled ‘Dynamic Analysis’ in the CAEPIPE Technical Reference Manual.

A new feature is added to Enable or Disable Dynamic Zoom and for translating and rotating the graphics in the Graphics Window, by using mouse buttons.

A new feature has been added for transforming Limit Stop loads from the Local Coordinate System (LCS) to the Global Coordinate System (GCS)



Free Winter Webinars

SKIOS will present a couple of new Webinars again this winter. These webinars have been highly appreciated in the past and we are convinced that you will like the ones coming up in a few weeks.

  • For our ROHR2 users, we will present the following two topics, configuration and import of PCF-files (Piping Component File) into the ROHR2 program and we will also investigate how to model a Pipe Intervention Gadget (PIG).
    The ROHR2 presentations will be held on the 12th of February

  • The CAEPIPE aficionados can also enjoy a presentation of the configuration and import of PCF files (Piping Component File) into CAEPIPE and we will also look into the detailed modeling of spring supports.
    The CAEPIPE presentations will be held on the 16th of February.

The webinars will be broadcast once in the morning at 10.00 and repeated in the afternoon at 14.00, local Swedish time. Kindly note, that there is a limit on the maximum number of attendees, so make sure to enlist now, “the early bird catches

the worm”.  We look forward to meeting you at our webinars. Registration closed.

Product News -New version of CAEPIPE released

The new version 12.10 of CAEPIPE, has now been released!


New piping codes RCC-M (2018, 2020, and 2022), Design and Construction Rules for Mechanical Components of PWR Nuclear Islands were added

Updates of EN and ASME piping codes and material libraries

New minor features and enhancements of graphical handling were also added.

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Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

SKIOS sales and support organizations will be available all weekdays through the holiday season (22nd of December to the 7th of January). 

If you can't reach us via phone, please use email as below, we monitor these incoming mail folders continuously:

Sales:      info@skios.se


Support:  support@skios.se

Other:      info@skios.se




ROHR2 User meeting - 18th of October 2023

Join industry experts and professionals for informative presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities. Some of us were already getting ready to meet in May 2020, but a small virus put a stop to the event so many of you were looking forward to. Now, 3½ years later, SKIOS is happy to invite you to a day of exciting topics in the field of piping and pressure vessel-related analysis.

When:     Wednesday, 18th of October between 09:00-17:00

Venue:     Steam Hotel in Västerås (Website: https://www.steamhotel.se/)
Adress:    Ångkraftsvägen 14, 721 31 Västerås, Sweden
Cost:       The User meeting is free of charge, but there will be a no-show fee if not
               attending after registration, read more below.

 Registration closed

Please observe:

As stated before, there is a limited number of seats, “the early bird catches the worm”.
Due to the conditions of Steam Hotel, we will have to charge a
“no-show fee”
(100 € /1.000 SEK) if you do not show up at the seminar after registration.

You may cancel your registration until 5 days before (13th of October).

Product News -New version of CAEPIPE released

The new version 12.00 of CAEPIPE, has now been released!


New piping codes were added for GRP and Plastic piping. 

Updates of EN and ASME piping codes and material libraries

New feature, number of Seismic g-Loads is increased to 3 and the possibility to add external forces to increase number of load cases. 


New features for GUI enhancements and more


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